We started with a focus on clients who’d like to try out HCT to see if they’d like to come back. The results have been fantastic. We're already working with some of the major healthcare provider in Sydney to expand our reach. We now have a massive following of users behind our service and we’ve seen the huge growth we now have, which we are planning to put on a mobile app. We’re building our user base to help us scale our business.

As a mobile-first company, we believe that convenience is the key to our success. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep track of their appointments online and provide the same convenience and care to their patients.

We operate a network of consultants, providing advice on practices that fit our industry and also building our own practices. We also have a vibrant team of highly skilled people. In addition we are looking to add to our team, we are currently recruiting for our new Chief Patient Assistance Officer and a CMA. We believe healthcare is a fast paced industry where there is a multitude of providers to tackle a wide range of health needs. We are focussing on changing this by offering a personalized and professional experience.

We offer in-home appointments, mobile health services and on-site treatment and research appointments. As a family-owned business with an in-house medical team, we aim to ensure that every patient receives the treatment they need whether it is to treat their condition or recover from an injury. We believe that this will enhance the comfort and convenience of our clients and result in better care outcomes.

The Folly is a company with an exciting new idea - providing mobile fitness solutions to busy professionals. Our mission is to be the most trusted company in the healthcare industry by providing accessible, affordable and high quality mobile fitness solutions. As healthcare professionals, we need to make our lives easier, so we use our mobile technology to help us do this. We believe that we can help more people achieve their fitness goals. At Folly, we offer a range of innovative mobile fitness solutions to make your busy day more enjoyable and fit. We know that our customers expect things to get done.