This is how you use a Tesla.

How To Use a Tesla

In a released video, a Tesla owner dispels the myth that using a Tesla is complicated and something that should be feared.

Once you own a Tesla, using it is very simple. You walk up to it and open the door by pressing your thumb into the door handle on the left side of it.

Then, you get in and buckle your seat belt. Then, if you have FSD and your destination is already on your calendar, you press a button on the right side of the steering wheel and your Tesla takes you there.

It's that easy and if you own Tesla FSD, you are basically getting chauffeured around by an advanced AI robot.

Tesla vehicles are designed to be very simple and are getting simpler over time. I remember when I first got in my Model 3 that I bought last year, and I was intimidated. I was looking for somewhere to put a key in a hole to turn the car on.

But, a Tesla is always on. I realized that once I was in the car, it was ready to use and since I didn't have FSD, I just had to shift to Drive and start driving.

How to use a Tesla
— Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) October 17, 2023

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Advanced Features

There are more advanced features of a Tesla, of course. I remember when I first went through a car wash. It was difficult to figure out how to put the car in Neutral. Little did I know that all I needed to do was be in Drive and lightly tap up on the right stalk. That was it.

Tesla vehicles also have easy to use environment controls that can control the air flow and temperature, all on the center infotainment screen.

I also like the Tesla recently announced its new developer program and API to get started. I think this is going to lead to some awesome apps in the Tesla app store. The first thing I will create with this is a car that talks to me, like Kit from Knight Rider - the show from the 1980s.

If you have a Model Y, you have biodefense mode and a filter that will filter most harmful substances out of the car. My Model 3 doesn't have that, unfortunately.

I like Autopilot, though, and use it all the time on the freeway and even some side streets where there is a nice long stretch of road. It eases the burden of driving.

Tesla also has the other following features:

* CARaoke for singing in the car with your friends
* Streaming and video games
* A web browser and YouTube - along with many more apps
* Sentry mode, which turns on cameras to view your surroundings and makes a loud sound if someone messes with your car
* A full-featured Tesla App that lets you control your car
* Constant over-the-air software updates
* Dog mode
* Overheat protection in the cabin

A Tesla is easy to use and also has a wide selection of other features. Would you get a Tesla?

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